About Us

Cartmell/Tam Architects specialize in extraordinary design, implementing the project design down to the smallest detail.

We provide the full range of architectural services for all types of projects. The project design emerges from a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, desires, and aesthetics, site and environmental issues, materials and construction techniques, codes and regulations, as well as regional and culture context. The result is the creation of environmentally conscious and globally meaningful projects. We have been working with passive and active environmental techniques for over 20 years, abundant natural lighting and ventilation pervade all our projects. In addition to other building types Cartmell/Tam Architects has been providing custom residential design since 1987, bringing the experience of living in beautiful spaces to the discerning homeowner.

Along with Architectural services we also provide a full range of construction services through our construction company Cartmell/Tam Construction, Inc., providing quality construction services since 1988.

Cartmell/Tam Architects

Partner: Cathy Cartmell, B.Arch 1983 Arizona State University, CA# C18066

Partner: Tony Tam, B.Arch 1982 Arizona State University, CA# C18599, AZ# 47543

Cartmell/Tam Construction, Inc.General Building Contractor , CA# B969426
(Formerly Enterprise 4001, CA# B587865)